The importance of film in the arts sector: Axisweb film services

Artplayer is a video platform for the arts. Our 100+ channel holders upload video content about their activity every day. We watch these videos and films and engage with the content but how often does one stop and think “who made this film?” and “why?”.

Maybe these questions don’t seem important or the answers seem obvious – a video production team made this film because the organisation wants to promote its activity. However, talking about the arts sector, we are dealing with something much more multilayered than promotion. Films and videos about the creation processes allow the much-yearned insight to artists’ minds (already discussed in one of our earlier posts about artist films); films about cultural organisations such as museums remind us the main purpose of museums which is far from making profit – to keep our culture and past alive, because it makes being a human ever so slightly more valuable as opposed to defining ourselves merely against the present.

Let’s talk about Axisweb, a superb organisation known for helping out artists from all career levels. Their film production services serve the same cause as bringing unpublished artists to the limelight does – enriching the general public’s experience of the world through culture. Axisweb films cover artists, museums, galleries, events and much more. These films are, of course, valuable in individual and organisational digital strategies as well – there is no point to hide the fact that all media publicity promotes as well as informs and enriches.

Unlike most video production companies that do all kinds of work, Axisweb services specialize on the aforementioned content so they can be called the arts video experts. Here at artplayer we also offer video production services to the arts sector but the approaches of the two organisations differ sharply as Axisweb focus on the individual and artplayer on the performative. Axisweb offer full service including developing the concept together with the artist/organisation. It is useful to note that members of Axisweb get 50% off the price of filmmaking! More information here:

To demonstrate the style and approach and purpose I have been talking about, here are two great Axisweb films (and find more on their artplayer channel) :


Sarah Younan Interview: 3D scanning technology meets ceramics


A New Reality for Tetley: former brewery turned into an arts space


Text by Kati Jägel



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