The importance of knowing the artist

Artist films, that is, films which allow us to see the artist in person not just the art, are invaluable. One might enjoy a painting, a sculpture, a piece of theatre on its own, but getting to know the mind – and face – behind the work enables us to truly connect with the work as a creation of another human being and, therefore, expression of the experience of life itself.

The world of literature has always been fascinated by autobiographies of artists, stars and other public figures. An artist film allows for a more immediate depiction of the persona behind the artwork due to enabling us to see the man or woman the creative mind belongs to in flesh instead of thinking about him/her as an abstract figure.

BALTIC have been doing in it most exemplary – each major exhibition at the BALTIC is preceded by an informative, moving and well-researched artist film of top quality. They should really be on TV. The latest one on artplayer is about Thomas Scheibitz whose work can be seen in Gateshead until 3rd of November. After watching the film you will probably be booking the ticket as soon as possible…


(Watch by clicking on the image)

One of our newest members, Mark Deverux Projects are specially dedicated to help artists to develop and get exposure – and they have also recognized the greatness of the artist film. You may not know David Ogle yet, but after watching this film that brings you both the man and his very versatile art combining sculpture, drawing and light, the early-career artist might have made a shortcut to a new potential fan’s heart without years of exhibiting while not being known. More artist films please!



(Watch by clicking on the image)


Text by Kati Jägel


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