Digital media brings immediate access: Venice Biennale and Summit of Ideas and Digital Invention

Over last couple of weeks artplayer has seen the best of digital distribution of the arts. Reports from the 55th Venice Biennale straight from location to our homes by Axisweb, Anton Hecht’s useful tips on using video for the arts on the a-n channel and Future Everything’s lectures for the Summit of Ideas and Digital Invention delivered in their full length all contribute to one of the Arts Council’s main aims: great art for everyone. To be honest there is just so much going on every day and one could not possibly visit all events due to financial and logistic reasons. Artplayer and our channel holders build a bridge between all or nothing – so our online guests can still be part of all great things and thus grow interest in and passion for the arts!

If you haven’t seen it yet, then Axisweb have done a brilliant job with communicating the highlights of the Venice Biennale in a non-auhtoritative way as they let the various guests of the festival speak about their experience and give tips about how to get about in Venice during the festival and what to see – and yes, you can see the discussed works of art in the videos as well, which is the most exiting part… animal lovers may be especially interested in Jane Sillis’ and Penny Sexton’s interview where a visually shocking piece consisting of multiple furry creatures from Macedonia is under spotlight for a moment.

image_4 (8)

If you are in the mood for some longer intellectual discussion then Future Everything’s full length lectures are worth to watch, not least because the subjects are exiting and current and not art form-specific but relevant to everybody living in some kind of urban or other structured enviroments. The speakers bring visual examples to illustrate their points which becomes crucial in the videos as the difference between live environments where we are more accustomed to sit and listen, on screen we usually expect to see something. Well, here we have both and let’s start with Natalie Jeremienko’s Exploring Urban Ecologies –

image_4 (9)

These and other videos which bring the viewers the experience of actual events are at the heart of increasing public access to arts and media and make great use of digital environments with the immediacy they often offer. For developing practical ideas about online video sharing have a listen to Anton Hecht below 🙂

image_4 (1)

Text by Kati Jägel


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