Presentation changes everything

Susanne Kriemann is given the prime wall of the main gallery space at Arnolfini for her first solo exhibition in the UK – and she paints it yellow. The yellow wall serves the purpose to reflect light on the real (or the other) works on display, that is, the archive photographs set up in a metal construct inspired by the Construction School in Brisbane. In addition to reflecting light, the yellow paint actually casts a ghostly shade of colour on the photographs which are thus, effectively, colour-graded but only in certain moments of time (daylight hours) and only for the duration of the exhbition in that space. Through such play with light and colour – which is, as Kriemann herself points out, the central element of photography in general –  the exhibition becomes a performance that changes in time. Presentation is immensely important to Kriemann as she uses the playful elements such as the wall and the metal structure to suggest certain kinds of readings that link the documentary photographs from early photo history to surveillance cameras to the present moment of reception.

There is so much more to discover about Kriemann’s work in the video, such as the beautiful abstract compositions consisting of overexposed film strips which have been photographed and become double, or even triple photographs of the original subject.

Be prepared to be enchanted…


“Susanne Kriemann: Modelling (Construction School)” runs at Arnolfini from Saturday 04 May 2013 to Sunday 07 July 2013, 11:00 to 18:00. More information at:

Text by Kati Jägel


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