Opportunity for media artists – create a multisensory arts programme!

Some of you may be very interested in the artplayer multimedia arts competition – feel free to share!

Review Remix – competition for media artists

Opportunity for filmmakers, sound artists, graphic designers and other emerging creative talent: become part of creating an experimental multi-sensory arts programme!

FACT and artplayer.tv are looking for a variety of media artists to propose ideas for long and short form arts programme and, more importantly, bring them to life in collaboration with our team. The programme is aimed at Local TV stations as well as internet distribution. Artists taking this opportunity get to work with top arts and media organisations and get a sense of what it is to like to work for the broadcast industry. Interested? Read on to get an overview of the project!

Artplayer.tv is an online video sharing platform for the arts. With over 100 channels by UK arts and media organisations, we have video content that covers all art forms from fine arts to newest creative media and technology. We are looking to produce a regular arts programme that deploys the existing video content from these organisations and develops current and intellectual discussions by linking the videos into themed episodes. The latter requires producing extra content specifically for the programme and it is the way everything is put together that lies at the heart of the challenge we invite you to take on!

This is not just call for filmmakers as our aim is to offer a multi-sensory experience through all aspects of audivosual media. Sound, music, graphics, colour schemes, and lighting are just as important as structure, camerawork, editing and narrative. Your skills may, of course, cover all of these aspects…

We are looking for innovative, novel approaches to using artplayer.tv content and will help broker permissions with the relevant organisations who own the content. We are expecting proposals to take the form of a short form programme treatment in line with your art/specialism(s). The theme for proposals is:

Towards to Edges of Perception

Proposals can focus upon work which:

* challenges or subverts sensory perceptions

* explores the edges of perception in ultrasound/infrasound

* questions how language shapes perception and understanding

* explores how the body can respond or adapt to stimulus

* crosses multiple media/senses (ie, ekphrasis, synesthesia)

* explores optic/auditory illusions, hallucinations, physical tactile illusions affecting the body

To offer you an example how you might treat the programme, artplayer.tv has commissioned a pilot episode of Artplayer Review which aims to demonstrate some of our ideas for a short form arts programme for LocalTV license holders. This is an independent production made for artplayer.tv and, alongside original material, features video content from FACT, artplayer video services, Band on the Wall, Aldeburgh Music, Opera North and Manchester Camerata.

See the video here:



This is an example only and we do not expect you to copy the video, but come up with your own original ideas!

Work on the programme needs to begin by 30th June 2013 and be completed by 30th September 2013. The artist(s) will receive up to £600 funding and 3 days of video production support from the FACT services team. The final outcome will be published on FACT website, artplayer.tv, and on Tacit – a new online research journal that forms part of the Manchester Metropolitan University’s research programme MIRIAD.

To compete for this opportunity you need to become familiar with the video content on www.artplayer.tv and send your proposal/treatment in a text document to hello@artplayer.tv with a brief description of your background in the relevant art form included at the beginning. Deadline for proposals is 15th June 2013

Text by Kati Jägel


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