Printfest Trail – a more inclusive way to exhibit art

Printfest hit the nail on the head by bringing the artworks out and about to be discovered on special trails throughout Ulverston during Printfest 2012. The prints by 26 artists were exhibited for two weeks in shops and other venues in town, ascribing new meaning to the works as well as to the spaces used.

Creating the trail meant that the dedicated visitors of Printfest also visited the independent shops and galleries in the town, while passers-by became involved in Printfest; a win-win situation for everybody and certainly something to learn from if you are planning your next event or exhibition.

Most importantly, perhaps, the trail map tied Printfest and its artworks to the physical space and place of Ulverston, making the event more meaningful by recalling the sense of local in the ever-globalizing world.

Hear from the director of Printfest, the trail coordinator and the printmakers or get a glimpse of some prints and lovely shops in the video –


Text by Kati Jägel



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