Transforming the everyday with make-believe is delighted to host an extensive video collection by Whalley Range All Stars, especially because their positivity-oozing projects make it so explicit what is great about art. Look at PIG – a  snoring, cuddly, unusual performance space that lights up the streets wherever it goes (and it has been around the world already) which becomes a performance itself while the actual show takes place in its stomach. Imagine walking on your usual street and discovering PIG around the corner – a whole new world opens there, as the same-old-same-old pavement becomes occupied by dreams, children’s fiction, cartoons – only it is real and you can touch it.


Even more imaginative, in the very literary sense, are the Imaginary Friends – larger than life, certainly not made of flesh and yet so uncannily human when operated by the ten-member ensemble. But who are these friends? What do they represent? Something deeper emerges from below the surface of this seemingly just-for-fun performance full of dance and song. At times it is almost sad, or at least nostalgic – perhaps because it recalls the days of childhood when we did believe in imaginary friends.



text by Kati Jagel


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