New columnist: Mark Jackson selects his favourites on artplayer

About Mark Jackson

Hailing from the glorious sunshine peninsula of The Wirral, Mark, self-confessed, is not an experienced art journalist, but, instead is an avid art, film and music fan to the core!

A member of a local aspiring band, By The Sea, who are currently preparing to release their debut album in November, Mark is extremely excited to have an opportunity to write for artplayer and share his views and passions with their readers.

Phil Kline’s Unsilent Night

Here we feature a composition by the award winning Phil Kline, ‘Unsilent Night’, first debuted in Greenwich Village in 1992. A haunting street promenade whereby a mass of Oxford dwellers become the performers. Equipped with anything that amplifies music, each participant gets ‘parts’ of the composition, then all played in unison it creates a unique mobile sound sculpture travelling through the city streets. More information on this worldwide phenomenon here. Commissioned by OCM.

The Humble Market – Trade Secrets

Taking place at FACT between 22-26 August 2012, through a fusion of theatre, performance and media, this exhibition invites you into a Brazilian world!

Inspired by Brazil’s rising economy in preparation for 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, you will experience a taxi ride to remember in the midst of a street carnival and a relaxing graze in the park to gather your thoughts. The aim of this exhibition is to confront us with a universe threatened by complete control and mass consumerism, a growing issue in the worlds trading cities. Trade secrets is presented as part of the Abandon Normal Devices festival, information at FACT.

Own Art meets Ian Murray

‘Art comes through craft’

A film maker, Ian Murray explores ‘the concept that anyone can be an art collector’. Featuring images from Suzanne Moxhay (BEARSPACE), Murray describes his desire for getting that gut emotion and instant excitement from a piece of art. Originality is also key, not only in the images themselves but in the process the artist has achieved that image. Status, and above all, MONEY, is associated with art collecting, but Murray is convinced this is not the case, and that real value is individual to us all. A video by Own Art.

Words by Mark Jackson


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