Axisweb wins £5000 of video services from artplayer

artplayer is delighted to announce that Axisweb are the winners of the 5K artplayer resources competition.

Text by Carol Huston

Axisweb are one of the most important organisations advocating individual artists’ and curatorial work in the UK and a key resource for the whole sector. Axisweb acts as a membership-based arts portal offering artists, curators, academics and writers an opportunity to network online. They have advantageous membership rates for early career artists and reasonable rates for established artists and curators.

As an online directory of artists and curators from around the UK, Axisweb offers a place for artists to showcase their works and gain feedback from art professionals. With over a dozen videos already on artplayer, Axisweb’s content on artplayer presents a diverse collection featuring in-depth looks at artists and curators working across the UK which we hope to see flourish. Here are a few highlights:

WW Gallery’s video on Axisweb features artists and curators Debra Wilson and Chiara Williams who are also the Directors of their home-based gallery located in Hackney, East London. As an artist-led exhibition and project space in its fourth year, WW Gallery has recently opened a new exhibition space in Clerkenwell.

Manchester-based artist and curator Tiago Duarte’s work was recently featured in Corridor8 issue 3.3 as part of a re-evaluation of art schools. Duarte’s video on artplayer from Axisweb details the intentions behind his practice in painting and print-making. The video was recorded during The Manchester Contemporary 2011.

Art collector Sezgin Ismail discusses her decision-making process in her Axisweb interview on artplayer. For example, she is drawn towards works with ‘elements of sadness’. Ismail’s interview coincided with the ‘A Private Affair: Personal Collections of Contemporary Art’ exhibition at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, earlier this year.

Other recent videos on artplayer include ‘The Magic Hour’ from Oxford Contemporary Music, a sonic experience in the botanic gardens, and the Royal Standard with a film of artist Oliver Braid talking about his interactive website,

artplayer looks forward to working with Axisweb and supporting them in the continuation of their invaluable work.


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