A message from the Arts Council

The Arts Council’s Lucy Dusgate on the launch of artplayer:

Arts Council England is delighted to have been the major investment partner in the development of artplayer. We know that the public already use online in their everyday lives. People choose to watch and explore online content as part of their daily routine through video and social media.

Within this, artplayer has the potential to be a pivotal place for cultural organisations and audiences to come together. A place to show and watch videos about art, share information and link to other websites in an easy-to-use way. We would encourage arts organisations to use multiple online platforms to reach audiences, and artplayer is one of these in terms of being a central place to find out about art and artists.

The project was developed at FACT. An important element of the project is that artplayer team is able to help artists and cultural organisations to create video content. The expertise at FACT brings a whole package of support to assist the cultural sector in gaining a stronger connection with the public through online video. FACT is an important and significant digital-lead organisation in the UK, and Arts Council England support this through our National Portfolio funding (NPO) annually. FACT continues to produce high quality critically acclaimed artistic programme, and collaborate with other cultural organisations and the creative industries to bring the a rich programme of creativity to online and real-world audiences.


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